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Percentage American Aberdeen/Lowline:
U5 "Troy Creeks Margie"
​2008 Bred Cow​
Bred to: ​​ unknown (Ike or Hugh)
Price: $ 1,300 with Registration​​
E7 " Sweet Iron Moon Shine" - 2017 BELTED Heifer - Moderator (72%Lowline x Belted Galloway)
​( Hugh x Troy Creek Margie) ​​
DOB: 7-07-2017 BW: - lbs
Price: $1,500 with Registration​​

E4 "SI E Burt" - 2017 Bull - Moderator Plus
​(TL I Like Ike x SI Cow)​​​ DOB:3-22-17 BW: 55lbs
​Price: $2,000 with Registration

E5 - SI Ernie
2017 BULL
(Tl I Like Ike x Double D Wanda)
DOB: 3-22-17
BW: 45lbs
E3 - SI Ed
2017 BULL 
(Tl I Like Ike x PHL Buttercup)
DOB: 3-21-17
BW: 36lbs
E6 - SI Earl
2017 BULL
(TL I Like Ike x Sweet Iron Windy)
DOB: 3-26-17
BE: 46lbs
E2​​ "Sweet Iron Eve" - 2017 Heifer - Moderator (53%Lowline & Belted Galloway)​​ (Hugh x Sweet Iron Patty) DOB: 3-20-17 BW: 50lb
​Price $1,650 with Bangs and Registration
D5 - Sweet Iron Magie
2016 BRED Heifer (TL I Like Ike x Troy Creek Margie)
DOB:​​ 2016
Bred To: Hugh​
$2,200 ​
2016 Steer
​(Tl I Like Ike x Sweet Iron Windy)
​DOB: 4-1-16
Sorry Out of Stock - Please check back : March 2018