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American Aberdeen = Lowline Angus 
-How we got started -
A family trip to the Spokane Co. Fair in 2010 turned out to be what sparked our family's curiosity in this amazing breed. After stopping to talk with some of the exhibitors that were showing there Lowlines we we're compelled to find out more. These smaller, docile cattle seemed just right for our family. We were looking for something that our children could use for 4H that made since. These non intimidating, easier to handle beef cattle were just what we were looking for. With the bonus that they produce the same quality meet we all love from the Angus bred, with less effort and feed, it just made sense!
A few weeks later we took the opportunity to meet up with and talk to a breeder that had a bull for sale. After taking a walk with her side by side through the pasture with her Cows, Bull, and calves all peacefully together - we were convinced that Lowlines were for us. Thus we began scouting for cattle to build our herd with.
Over the next few months we gathered our founding herd utilizing all unrelated genetics. From there out it was all about learning, developing, and growing. ​

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- From the Pasture to the plate - 
Size matters! In the US the average family of 4 consumes approx. 164 - 276 lbs of meat a year.
The average Full sized Beef cow produces approx. 568 lbs of meat The average Lowline produces approx. 300 lbs. of meat . What does all this mean?
The larger carcass of other cattle breeds produces more meat than a Lowline as they have been bred for pure commercial benefit but, it simply doesn’t make sense to have as a family cow.
Here’s why:
That much extra meat causes a storage problem. Most familys find it difficult to store that much extra meat or have that much extra freezer space. It‘s much easier to only store what you will eat.
Most of the time a cow has to be halved or quartered and numerous purchaser have to be found and agreed with and arranged to what they want. With the Lowline there is no hassle or failure to sell off the extra cuts - thus less waist.
Smaller cattle = Cheaper feed
-Why we chose lowlines. -
The Genetic Advantage. The Lowlines genetics have already been developed from the highest quality bloodlines available. If you read about the breeds history and origin then you’ll see that the investment into these bloodlines has already been made. If you think about it, the hardest part of breeding any animal is the financial support to produce quality. With this breed the hard part is already done! The expenses involved in finding and choosing only the very best cattle has already been done. The Lowline Angus’s genetics have already been chosen from the very best Angus champion bloodlines from around the world . Only these Angus cattle were imported into the original Trangie herds in Australia. Since all fullblood Lowliness are direct descendants, they are exactly that - The best quality Angus cattle.